Children Services

Kids’ Uni operates three long day care centres catering for children aged 6 weeks to 6  years, and one long day care centre catering for children aged 3 to 6 years. We cater for approximately 220 children across our long day care centres each day.

Our team relish in nurturing and teaching children in the formative years of their lives through establishing not only a secure and safe environment but strong relationships to enable children to explore through play based learning.

We consider it a privilege to work with our families to build the necessary foundations for our students to thrive emotionally, mentally and physically.

All of our centres offer full-time, part-time and occasional care.

Our Early Childhood services are approved by the Department of Education and incorporate best practices as outlined in the National Quality Framework. There is a focus on learning through play, as well as intentional and spontaneous teaching moments in both large and small group times throughout the day.

A typical day in an Early Childhood Education and Care service may include water-sand play and block play, music and movement, language, art and craft, science and dramatic play. Numeracy and literacy experiences are also embedded into our program throughout the day.

Experiences and environments are set up to foster each child’s social, emotional, physical and language development. Children are grouped by age or stage of development and programs are individually catered to meet their needs, extend their learning and development as well as incorporate their interests.



The physical environment is a major contributor to a child’s experience at the service. We endeavour to ensure that our environment conveys a strong message of welcome to our children, families and the community. Our indoor and outdoor environments are designed to promote and provide inclusive experiences for learning through play.

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