Kids’ Uni South

7:30AM- 6:00PM

Kids Uni South is located on the University of Wollongong Main Campus and provides quality education and care for children aged 6 weeks to six years. We believe that secure attachments are fundamental to building trusting relationships with children. Our practices allow our educators to be respectful and responsive in their interactions with children, supporting strong relationships and a positive image of the child as being capable and valued within our community. We understand that building trusting relationships with families with shared decision-making about children’s learning and well-being promote best outcomes for children.

We offer a play-based curriculum, as we recognise that this is how children learn best. Play based learning supports children’s natural sense of inquiry and discovery through hands-on exploration of the world around them. Through careful and considerate planning of environments, our skilled educators support children’s learning by providing open-ended provocations and opportunities to support children to develop and strengthen dispositions for life-long learning.


Meet the Director

Kelly has been the Director of Kids’ Uni South for 16 years and has worked in Early Childhood Education and Care for over 20 years. Kelly has a strong focus on building trusting relationships with children, families, and educators as she knows this ensures the best outcomes for children. Kelly is passionate about providing an inclusive environment for all children and is dedicated to ensuring children are thoroughly supported in their learning.

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