Long Day Early Education & Care

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Kids’ Uni currently operates three early education and care services which provide long day care for children aged six weeks to six years.As a result of industry trends and an increasing demand for long day care services, Kids’ Uni are opening a fourth early education and care service at our Innovation Campus centre which will deliver long day care and education for three to six year old children from January 2020.

Our team is currently taking enrolments for Innovation Campus long day care, please download, complete and return the Waitlist Application Form.

Two of our long day care centres operate from the University of Wollongong campus with a third located in central Wollongong.

Our team relish in nurturing and teaching children in the formative years of their lives through establishing not only a secure and safe environment but strong relationships to enable children to explore through play based learning.

We consider it a privilege to work with our families to build the necessary foundations for our students to thrive emotionally, mentally and physically.

All of our centres offer full-time, part-time and occasional care.

Last reviewed: 13 July, 2021