Policies & Procedures

Kids Uni After Policies and Procedures Image April 2019

Our policies and procedures enable our teams to provide high quality and expert care. Listed below are key policies for parent reference.

As our care of your children is a collaboration with you, we welcome any feedback and review all policies and procedures regularly to ensure they are relevant and in accordance with regulations, accreditation and national standards / guidelines. Please contact your Kids' Uni Centre Director or Children’s Services Manager.

We adhere to the National Guidelines for preventing infectious diseases in early education and care services to ensure the wellbeing of your children. The below link is a great reference for families on exclusion time frames for children with infectious illnesses. Staying Healthy - Preventing infectious diseases in early education and care services – 5th Edition



Absent and Missing Children Policy
Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation Policy
Administration of Authorised Medication Policy
Animal and Pet Policy



Child Wellbeing Policy
Children who are Ill Policy
Customer Service Policy



Death of a Child Policy
Digital Technology and Social Media Policy 
Drop off and Collection Policy



Education, Curriculum and Learning Policy
Emergency Management and Evacuation Policy
Emergency Evacuation Procedure
Environmental Sustainability Policy
Enrolment and Bookings Policy
Excursion Policy



Family Law and Access Policy
Fees Policy
Food, Nutrition and Beverage Policy



Governance Policy



Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods Policy
Health, Hygiene and  Cleaning Policy



Information Handbook
Immunisation and Disease Policy
Inclusion Policy
Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy
Infectious Diseases Policy



Managing Food as a Part of Celebrations Policy
Medical Conditions Policy
Music Policy

 N, O


Nutrition, Food Safety and Allergen Management Policy
Orientation and Transition Policy



Physical Activity Promotion Policy
Physical Environment Policy
Policy and Procedure Review



Record Keeping and Retention Policy
Relationships with Children Policy



Sleep, Rest, Relaxation and Clothing Policy
Staffing Arrangements Policy
Sun Protection Policy



Transportation Policy

 U, V, W


Unenrolled Children Policy
Waiting List Application Process



Last reviewed: 24 June, 2022